South Africa is known for its long sunny days, hence the title, ‘Sunny South Africa’. The South African Weather Service uses the following dates for seasons: Spring – September, October, November; Summer – December through February; Autumn – March, April, May; Winter – June, July, August.

This Nugget will focus on travel during the winter season in South Africa. Winter is a popular travel period for some of our markets and we think more people will consider the winter period if they know the conditions to travel in during our winter period. This is besides the excellent rates that are offered during the winter period!

Most of the nine provinces have summer rainfall, except for the Western Cape, which experiences winter rainfall. The Cape can however be quite seasonal and can vary from wet & windy to sunny & bright – often all on the same day. The high-lying areas of the interior can be chilly in winter. The northern part of the country is thus sunny and dry during winter but mornings and evenings can be chilly.