Royal African Discoveries is one of South Africa’s leading privately owned tour operators and Destination Management Companies (DMC). Over the past twenty years, the company has built a reputation for service excellence, personalised service and innovative experience-based tours.

Royal African Discoveries prides itself on going beyond pre-packaged sightseeing tours to create personalized encounters with Africa and her people.


From humble beginnings in 1998, to humbled experiences in 2018. Royal African Discoveries has always put their clients’ interests first. Each travel specialist partner on staff at Royal African Discoveries is personally and meticulously screened by us. To ensure quality, we’ve spent thousands of hours pre-qualifying and selecting these experts. You’ll only be matched with experiences which are true to your specific needs.

Our four
Core Values


We are uniquely dedicated to our pursuit of service excellence. We are unique in the variety of international markets that we deal with and we treat each market as unique and individual. We don’t treat our Vietnamese clients like Chinese or Singaporean clients like Italians or Scandinavians. Everything we do for our clients is tailored to their unique requirements.

Lasting Reputation

We have built a lasting, untouchable & undeniable reputation over the last 20 years. The reputation is broad and covers different aspects, our reputation for service excellence, our reputation for value-for-money rates, and our reputation with our suppliers. Royal African Discoveries is a trusted partner for many or our clients and suppliers.


We always keen on innovating whether it is in how we operate tours, how we approach an international market or in the tools we supply our partners to assist them to promote Southern Africa to their clients. There are numerous examples of this including our annual roadshow to South East Asia to promote Southern Africa to the market in which we partnered with a variety of hotel groups, safari operators, activity supplier and tourism marketing companies to promote the destination to the SE Asian market. We are always looking for new ways to promote and sell this wonderful destination or ours.


Our fourth core value is honesty. It isn’t tangible but we have come to realise it is one of the key attributes our partners and clients associate us with. We won’t sell you anything that is not a good fit for you or your clients. We take the long term view, we want to make sure you don’t book with us only once but for the next 20 years!


Personalised programs are designed with clients-specific requirements in mind. Individuals, small families and groups will have unique and tailored programs that take special interest, dietary requirements and a variety of other considerations into account.


With extensive hands-on experience with leisure groups for a wide variety of source markets, Royal African Discoveries is geared to satisfy the needs of any group.


Royal African Discoveries excels in delivering unique and tantalising programs to incentive groups. Be it small or large groups (we’ve facilitated a number of groups of more than 500 people) we can deliver the experience you want.