Silvan is redefining luxury safari in Africa and the inspirational Leadwood and Jackalberry forest provides the ideal canvas for this ground breaking lodge. The contemporary, modern architecture is slick, bold and alluring with a nuanced bohemian flair adding a sense of whimsical artistry.

A Silvan safari is centred on a complete celebration of unique and exceptional experiences. They have a mindful approach which honours the intricate manner in which all life is connected. From witnessing the unrivaled spectacle of the African sunrise, feasting on sensational culinary delights to connecting with the heart and soul of Silvan, their extraordinary people. Silvan is like nothing ever seen before, a wonder waiting to captivate the heart and connect it to the glorious African spirit. Architectural elegance optimises the design aesthetic behind each of Silvan’s 6 unique suites. Drawing inspiration from numerous indigenous species of trees found around the lodge, we have intertwined elements such as their name, form and colour into the splendour of every suite.