The Last Word Long Beach is the only 5-star beachfront hotel in Cape Town with direct beach access. Just 30 minutes from the Mother City, you can slip into an endless Sunday morning type of vacation.

Before you will be an 8km stretch of beach to play, surf, picnic and horse ride. Boutique, by The Last Word Intimate Hotels and Mantis standards, is never small; but definitively intimate with large rooms. The service generously includes a 3-course seafood dinner, breakfast (in bed when you please), drinks and itinerary planning.

The Last Word Long Beach takes its design inspiration from the water, silvery sand, and mountain silhouettes seen from every room in the hotel. Intimate by design, there are 2 Elegant Suites, 1 Junior Suite and 3 Superior Rooms. Each one is incredibly spacious. The views allow you to settle into the serenity of the Atlantic waters and the back of Table Mountain from the comfort of your bed.