The two private villas at Grootbos are the last word in secluded luxury, offering unforgettable experiences to discerning guests. With intuitive service provided by your own private chef. Butler and nature guides, your every need will be met in a home-away-from-home environment of unsurpassed quality.

The 6-bedroom villas is the most exclusive offering at Grootbos, set apart from the rest of the estate. The Villa provides you with 1000 square metres in which to unwind, indulge and connect. The design every room is both gracious, yet thoughtful, while the intuitive service you’ll receive from the private villa staff will meet your every need. Every room in the 6-Bedroom Villa offers you that something special: whether it’s an ocean vista that leaves you serene, a grand piano that inspires or a dining room table you simply won’t want to leave.

The latest addition at Grootbos, Villa 2, was newly built in 2016 and designed to maximise the magnificent views of Walker Bay, Stanford and Gansbaai beyond.