The Graskop Gorge Lift is the latest and most innovative tourism development in South Africa and the only one of it’s kind in the Southern Hemisphere. Your journey begins as you drop off the grassy cliff top in a custom-designed 26-passenger viewing elevator. It travels 51m down the cliff face into the cool mountain forest below. An extensive network of elevated walkways, suspension bridges and interactive exhibits lead you along the 500m forest trails and across the streams. The site’s towering cliffs have been cut back over time by the Motitsi River, with the Panorama Gorge waterfall which plummets 70m into the gorge below. The ride down with the elevator only takes a few minutes, but you can spend hours exploring the indigenous forest below. And one ticket is good for multiple daily rides down into the forest. The Lift Co Lifestyle Centre forms the gateway to the forest below and is made up of a number of small retail outlets, a community craft market, and a restaurant and bar area. These are perched on the cliff edge with spectacular views of the waterfall and forest below.