Dear Partners in Tourism,

The world has changed in the six months since my previous newsletter update – but we should be used to it by now considering the last 2 ½ years. Generally, the changes are for the better with the impact and restrictions due to COVID19 being reduced & removed and travel returning to a more ‘normal’ format. But it isn’t a smooth sailing recovery with many challenges still remaining.

Being in travel is not for the weak-hearted or those without passion for the industry. Those in travel seem to be a very distinct breed. This was quite clear from my interaction with fellow industry members at several ‘in-person’ travel shows that took place in South Africa during April and May. WTM Africa and ILTM Africa took place in April and both the Indaba and We Are Africa events took place in May. It was great to see industry members from around the world in person again, reconnect and start the recovery journey of the travel industry. We’re a positive, hardy, determined and passionate bunch – it is unlikely that I would be writing this particular newsletter otherwise.

It is also clear that different markets are recovering in different ways and pace – naturally influenced by different factors. Some of our markets are recovering quickly and we actually have groups (not just the first-mover FIT’s) currently travelling while others are just starting the process of exploring the possibility of travel. There is also the issue of last minute ‘let’s go now’ versus a very cautious ‘let’s plan for next year when things should be fine’ approach. Although it seems the trend is becoming more and more skewed towards ‘we’ve waited long enough – let’s go!’. Like all our partners around the world we are thankful that the wheels of travel have started turning again – both the slow turning and the quickly picking up speed ones!

During this time of recovery and ‘re-start’ we understand how important it is for our partners to get the necessary support and tools to ensure they can as quickly and efficiently enthral, motivate and convert enquiries.

Our product library on the website as well as all the feedback reports and insights newsletters are most certainly a handy tool in this regards.

We’ve also seen how important the visual aspect is during the ‘sale’. We’ve recently partnered with a company that allows us to send you a video clip of the quote program we would propose to clients. Those clients who has already seen these clips absolutely loved them – as enquiries increase from markets that are not already travelling at present, we’ll also introduce this innovative selling tool to partners in those countries. I’m sure you’ll be suitably impressed, and it will greatly assist our partners. Should you wish to see a sample of these, please let me know and we’ll forward a link with a sample.

The progress to a more normal world also includes the hosting of major sporting events. The Rugby Sevens World Cup will be held in Cape Town from 9-11 September 2022. Please note that accommodation availability over these dates are very challenging and all Cape Town hotels have significant surcharges on our contracted rates. Unless clients are huge Rugby Sevens fans, we would recommend that these dates and days immediately before and after, in Cape Town be avoided.

We are approaching our winter months, but it is a great time for safari. With a mostly sunny and mild winter climate in South Africa, it is still a good time to visit if you wish to avoid the summer crowds and get a good deal too!

We look forward to continuing the journey on the road to tourism recovery with all our partners around the world.

A world without travel is a world without soul.

Best Tourism regards